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Daily life can be a boring thing; for five days you work, you come home, you might go out or stay in…it becomes routine. For me, it was like that. I spent my time between work and my apartment and nothing much else until my coworkers and I decided to go to Six Flags for a fun company trip.

Six Flags is located in Jackson, New Jersey and it’s home to a number of DC superhero (and villain), and Warner Bros. themed rides. Here, there’s a ride for everyone, even rides for people who are afraid to go on rides. I’m a girl who absolutely HATES roller coasters that are really high and have lots of crazy loops but for whatever reason this time around I went on EVERY ride that my coworkers and I decided to go on.

Tickets for Six Flags can be purchased online or there itself. When we went, it costed us about $53 dollars or so. Before you really enter the park, there’s a bag check. My advice is to carry what you need to; if there’s a person who doesn’t plan to go on any rides, they can watch your bags and everything but if not, the park does provide lockers (for a small fee). If you’re like me, you would rather want to avoid that small fee and save up for the restaurants at the park, or the souvenir shops.

Now, I went to Six Flags with a group who’s diverse in terms of their adventure levels: some will go on ANY ride, no matter how scary it is. Others will go on some of the smaller rides with no loops, or just won’t go on any at all. A ride that everyone loved was Bizzaro. Bizarro is a roller coaster that had a couple of loops and drops but what made this ride different from the rest was that it felt pretty smooth. It didn’t jerk you around too much, and it just felt pleasant overall, even giving you a mist of water vapor at one point (there was fire before too). When we came off the ride, my coworkers kept saying that they loved it and that the others should go. This was a mild ride.

If you really want an adrenaline rush, the coasters that are perfect for you would be: Nitro, El Toro, and Kingda Ka. Nitro was a ride that most of us went on, and unfortunately this is the ride that I screamed the most on. It features some crazy drops and jerks you around quite a bit. El Toro is a wooden roller coaster that is pretty high up and features one crazy, steep, drop. Coming off this ride, I felt like I was beaten up because it jerks you around much like you were riding a bull- hence the name “El Toro” or “the bull”. Kingda Ka is a ride I refuse to go on. Coming into the park itself, it’s a ride you can spot from far away. It’s the tallest ride there, and it goes straight up… and then straight down. Friends who have gone on it say that it only lasts a couple of seconds but I can’t imagine the sensation of going up that high, and then looking at the ground from such a steep angle. It’s safe to say that none of the people from my group went on that ride.

Also, if you’re bringing small children, there is a part of the park especially for them. For anyone not going on rides, there’s benches throughout the park and very low maintenance rides as well. For the people who don’t enjoy rides at all, Six Flags does have a separate water park with lots of water rides; but for this, you have to purchase a different ticket. All these options can be found on the website.

Before you go to the park, it would be a good idea to scope out the rides online. You can read up about each ride, see the experience on Youtube and figure out whether or not it’s a ride for you. And if you have people in your group who want to do different things, it’s possible to do that as well. Everyone should keep a map of the park with them, and have a common meeting place at a certain time to get back together, and everyone should communicate with one another if any plans change.

Sadly, most of our Six Flags experience was wasted being in line for certain rides; we wasted around 30 mins to an hour being in line for each different ride. What I would have done differently is I would have purchased the Flash Pass; with this pass, you can skip the lines and get on the ride once you show it to the ride attendant.

After going on a number of these rides, thirst and hunger begin to overtake you; much like there’s a ride for everyone, there’s a place for everyone to eat. There’s a place for whatever you’re craving whether it be American cuisine, or Mexican, Chinese, Italian or whatever else. Food at the park can be a little pricey, anywhere from $10-$30. A rule of thumb to keep in mind is to not eat right before getting on a ride, because chances are it’s going to come back out of you once you’re on it; you’re more likely to vomit. So, take some time between eating and getting on another ride.

All in all, even though not every ride is for everyone, you might want to challenge yourself once in awhile. Normally fearful me decided to go on most of these rides and I can tell you that I came out of it feeling empowered. I had big, tough men with me on this trip and some of them wouldn’t go on the rides I went on out of fear, but I really surprised myself this time! I might take it a step further next time and try Kingda Ka, we’ll see.

Written By: Ammu

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