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Foods that help you lose weight

2017 is a time for healthy eating, calorie counting, and protein. Google searches you would most likely see are: “foods that help you lose weight”, “foods that increase metabolism”, “foods that are high in fiber and protein” etc. People of all ages are striving to be more fit and health conscious and what better way to do that than through food itself. Food is one of the many things we can regulate to attain our fitness goals.
Common knowledge states that spicier foods, foods high in capsaicin heighten your metabolism: this can speed up the weight loss process. In the same way, foods high in fiber can also help you towards getting a leaner figure; the thinking here is that fiber goes in as quickly as it goes out, no pun intended. Another thing people readily know is that you should stay away from foods rich in sugar, salt, saturated fats, oils, and carbs. When people look at this, they tend to list all the foods that they like in their head and find themselves nearly crossing everything out. To them, whatever food that is left over off that list is dull, flavorless and boring.
What people fail to see is that there are options to this dilemma; there are alternatives and swaps that can be made to make our favorite foods healthier. There are ingredients that can be added to these foods that can make them taste as good as the unhealthy version, all without sacrificing flavor. But what are they? What this blog hopes to achieve is to help you explore different foods and ingredients and their health benefits. Food is a powerful thing, and it can either make or break a person; it can help sculpt you and help you function but it can also be a deadly tool and bring out the worst in you. We can choose how our present and future can be with food itself, so why not make the best of it with foods that will benefit you?
Written By: Ammu

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