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The Liquid Diet

So far, my quest for weight loss hasn’t gone so well. I’ve found myself binging on fast food of all sorts left and right. Smells and scents were tempting me after a period of not having them and sticking to salads, fruits, vegetables and nuts. This continued for quite some time until… I got sick.

For a few days, I was robbed of my taste buds and my sense of smell. What I normally loved to eat, my body rejected; it was searching for comfort in foods that were spicy, hot and liquid in nature.

Before I even opened my mouth as to what I wanted to eat or drink my mother was in the kitchen making some piping hot rasam for me. Rasam is an Indian lentil soup that contains lentils, coriander, tamarind, garlic, tomato, cumin, black pepper and other spices. It’s known to pack a punch against colds and works (as my mother told me) as a sort of cleanse; you’re supposed to sweat the toxins out when you drink it. And sweat it out I did, thanks to the heat and all the peppers.

Rasam can be quite the healthy drink, that is if you don’t add that much ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil for tempering (both are high in saturated fat). You also have to watch the amount of salt you add, but flavor should compensate for the lack of any of these ingredients.

In addition to rasam, what I like to have when I’m sick is soup. Any kind of soup does the trick for me but what I find works best would be chicken noodle soup. In this case, you can easily pick up a low-calorie, low-sodium version of chicken noodle soup at any grocery store, or you can make it at home and be careful with the salt.

Soups like these have the potential to be healthy for you as well as aid you in losing weight. Rasam, with all the peppers it has, has the potential to heighten your metabolism. Fat can’t stay in your body long if you have a heightened metabolism and spicy foods can help speed it up.

Other non-spicy soups can help you lose weight through this way: if it’s the first thing you have, it can make you feel more full and you’re less likely to make the decisions I’ve made prior to being sick and binging on foods I shouldn’t binge on. Soups also contain less calories; some canned soups I’ve seen contain around 100-130 calories per serving (in low fat, low sodium versions). Though they’re low on calories and sodium, the flavor is still there and you won’t be left feeling guilty.

Written By: Ammu

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